What Is the Indication of Kybella?

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What Is the Indication of Kybella?

Kybella is a targeted treatment purposefully made to manage submental fullness, commonly known as a double chin. This injectable solution breaks down fat cells under the chin, streamlining the contour of your neck and jawline. Unlike surgical options, Kybella offers a non-invasive method with minimal downtime. The FDA-approved medication is based on a naturally occurring body chemical called deoxycholic acid, which facilitates the body’s decomposition and consumption of dietary fat. Kybella breaks down fat cells when infused into the fat beneath the chin, causing a discernible decrease in fullness. 

Indications of Kybella

Kybella, primarily known for its effectiveness in treating submental fullness or a double chin, has expanded its indications to address other areas of cosmetic concern. Each treatment area requires a specific approach, typically lasting around 45 minutes.

  1. Double Chin: Kybella is an efficient tool to eliminate unwanted double chins, which are prevalent problems where fat gathers under the chin. It offers a non-surgical alternative to liposuction, with typically 3-4 treatments recommended, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. The goal is to contour the chin and neck area, providing a more defined profile.
  2. Jowls: The sagging skin along the jawline that often comes with age can also be tightened with Kybella injections. Kybella helps restore a firmer, more youthful jawline by targeting this area. Usually, 2-3 treatments are advised, spaced out every 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. Bra Bulge: Something else that Kybella is capable of treating is the bra bulge, which is the extra fat under the armpits. This stubborn fat is often resistant to diet and exercise. Kybella injections here offer a permanent solution, presenting an alternative to more invasive procedures like surgery or liposuction.
  4. Inner Thighs: Kybella can also target excess fat in the inner thighs. The injections help slim and tighten the legs by eliminating these fat pockets. Typically, 2-3 vials per side are required for this treatment area.
  5. Buttocks: For excess fat and cellulite in the buttocks, which can lead to a saggy and undefined appearance, Kybella offers a solution. The treatment aims to reduce this stubborn fat, enhancing the tightness and definition of the buttocks. Usually, 2-3 treatments are recommended, with intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

Who’s A Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates for Kybella should have skin with good elasticity. This is a need because after the fat is dissolved, the skin needs to be able to retract for a smooth, contoured look. Individuals with significantly loose skin may not get the best outcomes because the procedure is limited to addressing fat; it can’t tighten loose skin. 

Candidates for Kybella should also be in generally healthy condition. Candidates who are pregnant or nursing, have an active infection in the treatment region, or have previous experiences of bleeding issues may not be appropriate. A thorough medical history and consultation with a healthcare provider are essential to determine whether Kybella is safe and appropriate.

Kybella may not be the right choice for individuals looking for immediate or dramatic changes comparable to surgical procedures like liposuction. Expect the treatment to undergo a series of injection appointments, with results gradually appearing over time.

Kybella Treatment Process

The Kybella treatment process is a series of steps designed to ensure safety and effectiveness:

  1. Consultation and Evaluation: Speaking with a healthcare professional is the initial step. To ascertain whether Kybella is suitable, a physical examination of the chin and neck region is conducted, in addition to a review of medical history.
  2. Customized Treatment Plan: A personalized treatment plan will be developed by the provider if the patient is found to be a good fit. The number of sessions required will be specified in this plan according to the target profile and the amount of fat.
  3. Pre-Treatment Preparation: The treatment region is cleaned before the procedure, and to reduce discomfort, an ice pack or topical anesthetic may be administered. The injection sites may also be marked by the provider.
  4. Kybella Injection Process: Kybella is injected directly into the fat under the chin through multiple small injections. The exact number of injections depends on the individual’s treatment plan.
  5. Post-Injection Observation: Patients are usually monitored for a brief while following the injections to make sure there are no untoward reactions.

Post-Treatment Care Experience

To manage these side effects, patients we recommend applying ice packs over the addressed area. This helps reduce swelling and provides relief from discomfort. Any pain can also be managed with over-the-counter painkillers, but patients should always take their doctor’s advice while taking medicine.

It’s not unusual for the treated area to feel numb or tender for a few days to a week following the treatment. Allow the treatment region to recover properly; patients are typically recommended to refrain from vigorous activities for a certain period. However, most people can resume their normal daily activities almost immediately after the procedure.

Patients are also instructed to monitor the treatment area for any signs of unusual reactions or complications and to contact their healthcare provider if they have any concerns. Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled to assess the healing process and plan for additional treatments if needed.

Permanent Results

Once Kybella destroys these fat cells, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. This means that the results are lasting once you achieve your desired outcome. However, you must maintain a stable weight and a healthy lifestyle to preserve these results. Significant weight gain can affect the overall appearance, as other fat cells in the area can expand. Although Kybella eliminates the treated fat cells permanently, it has no effect on the formation of new fat cells or the enlargement of preexisting ones in the event of weight gain. The smooth, contoured appearance that Kybella creates must be maintained with a dedication to a healthy diet and consistent exercise.


Are you prepared to change the way you look with Kybella’s long-lasting effects? Mivaglo Aesthetics is available to assist you in becoming a more self-assured version of yourself. Whether the goal is to target other areas of concern, sculpt your jawline, or refine your chin profile, our team offers individualized care that is catered to your particular requirements. Accepting the change you deserve shouldn’t wait. Book a consultation at Mivaglo Aesthetics right now to get started on the path to having the sleek, contoured look of your dreams. 


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